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Organic Rice

Rice is the staple food for well over half the world's population and is the third most harvested grain (after maize, and wheat). Much of the harvest is grown by 'conventional' (i.e. 'chemical') methods in order to increase the yield and their apparent quality. However growing rice organically is four times more energy efficient than using chemicals and results in a much reduced cost of inputs, though a much higher labour cost.

Brown rice has had only the unpalatable husk removed. White rice has had the bran layer and germ removed resulting in the loss of some nutrients, but increasing the culinary appeal. White rice generally stores better as it also contains less oil. Rice comes in a number of different varieties such as Basmati, Jasmin, and Arborio, which all have slightly different properties and tastes.

Rice can be pre-soaked before cooking. This saves fuel by decreasing the time needed for cooking. It can also improve the texture of the cooked rice.

Cooked rice can contain the spores of Bacillus Cereus, which, over time and at temperatures between 4°C & 60°C, produce a toxin which is not destroyed by subsequent re-heating. Storage of cooked rice is therefore not generally recommended. If you must store cooked rice for up to a day, then reduce the temperature of the freshly cooked rice rapidly to below 4°C and then reheat quickly and well when required. Storage for longer than a day could be achieved by freezing the freshly cooked rice, but this could not be considered very environment-friendly.

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