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There are literally thousands of certified organic products available these days, and listed here are quite a few of them: rice and pasta, tea and coffee, sugar and so much more. Over time we will add more information about each product, including views and reviews, to make this a valuable resource for those concerned for their diet and the environment. With growing concerns about our own health and that of the environment, we hope to show you that it is possible to use your buying power to tackle such personal issues as weight, blood-pressure and allergies without contributing excessively to environmental pollution, climate change and species loss.

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Having been involved in promoting fair trade for over 30 years, it's very gratifying to be able to list around 300 products which are both organic and fairtrade. By buying organic products which are also fairly traded, you not only help yourself and the environment but 'third-world' producers as well. The Fairtrade Foundation provides independant validation of fair trade products, setting 'clear minimum and progressive criteria to ensure that the conditions for the production and trade of a product are socially and economically fair and environmentally responsible'. To show only fairtrade organic items in any section, click through the link at the top of that section.

Food products which are described as 'organic' or 'organically grown' must be certified 'organic' by an appropriate, legally recognised organisation (usually the Soil Association).

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Organic certification covers such areas as:

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Our Organic Shopping Centre is brought to you in association with Amazon, and offers a wide selection of Organic Foods with many products being delivered free by Amazon. (Some products are delivered by other suppliers and not all products are delivered free - so do please check the details when ordering.) Your orders are handled efficiently and securely by amazon, often with free delivery, so although Amazon do not offer as wide a range as we used to supply direct from greenol.co.uk, you will at least get a quicker response. Thank you for buying from amazon through our site. This will generate a small commission for us on each item purchased which will help us further improve the usefulness of our site.

If you are a retailer of organic products, please get in touch to find out how we can help promote your outlet. For example, we will add your shop details to our list of organic retailers free of charge.

If you are a retailer looking for supplies of organic products, please take a look at our list of organic wholefood wholesalers in the UK.

If you're looking for information on organic food products and organic fairtrade food products available in the UK, you've arrived!


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