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Count Arthur Strong


Count Arthur Strong

"The Man Behind The Smile"

Fresh from his hit BBC Radio 4 series showbiz legend and raconteur Count Arthur Strong reminds us just what we've been missing since his last television series, 'Robin Hood and his Merry Squirrels' was axed in 1960 something.   As Arthur himself says, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just turn the telly on after a hard day at... the abattoir  or whatever it is you do for a living... How do I know? I'm not a mindreader... and there I was, smiling back at you,  in my own programme , with a smile on my face, entertaining you, just like I used to . Don't miss this wonderful opportunity." The Plough is delighted to have been chosen to host this special pre-Edinburgh preview of The Count's new show. Book early or you won't be laughing.

"Character Comedy at its absolute finest" THE TELEGRAPH