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A Legend from Tibet - King Gesar of Ling


A Legend from Tibet - King Gesar of Ling

A unique and vibrant cultural performance by Serta Gesar Troupe from Tibet

King Gesar of Ling, the longest epic poem in the world, was listed in the UNESCO's 2002-2003 Commemoration List during the 31st UNESCO World Congress. Like other world-renowned epics such as the Iliad and the Ramayana, King Gesar of Ling was handed down through generations for thousand of years. It reflects the passionate struggle of justice over evil, light defeating dark, through the life of a hero who defies brute force through his will-power and magical strength. Serta Gesar Troupe fuses Tibetan traditional and modern style performances including folk songs, dance, chants and games. They are the first troupe in the world to turn the legendary heroic epic King Gesar into a Tibetan drama.

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