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Beyond Midnight


Trestle Theatre Company presents

Beyond Midnight

Happily ever after is about to end....

Written by Diane Samuels Directed by Emily Gray Designed by Tim Meacock

Cinderella is dead. The law decrees that her widowed husband must remarry. He still has the glass slipper - can it work for him again? Another foot fits perfectly, but this time round the consequences are far from fairytale. Meet a host of eccentric and captivating characters in Beyond Midnight - the dark and unexpected journey of Cinderella's daughter from splendour to ashes and not quite back again. Combining Trestle's visual style, masks, puppetry, music and an exciting piece of new writing by the highly acclaimed Diane Samuels, Beyond Midnight tells a familiar story in unfamiliar ways to create a dark, witty and fantastical production.

Not suitable for children! Recommended for 14yrs +

A company that prompts standing ovations - The Scotsman

There is no missing the impact and sheer stylistic resource of this most interesting company... - The Guardian