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Uncut Confetti


Uncut Confetti

The towns, villages & Luton tour

John Hegley

A show of celebratory pieces: poetry, puppetry, comedy, camaraderie, tragedy, travesty and song. And tap-root dancing. A cascade of affirmation. This is the Edinburgh Fringe show with bonus bits: Romance, Rhymance and the day it all went bonkers in a Luton bungalow. John is a regular sell-out at The Edinburgh Festival. He has performed in Melbourne, Montreal, Wellington, Colombia, Zanzibar & Torrington. He has appeared on Wogan, Anderson, Sherrin, Ross, Richard & Judy and Blue Peter. He is responsible for 9 books of poetry / prose / lyrics / drawings and one mug. He is busy polishing his 2nd CD.

Hegley is to potatoes what Wordsworth has been to daffodils - The Observer

a Beat poet's style and a philosopher's grace - The Independent

Makes little sense - Luton News