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Torrington Tales


In association with The Plough Arts Centre the people of Great Torrington proudly present

Torrington Tales

A community play with songs

by local writers Jan Furness, Dave Gibbons, Trevor Higton, Liz Spear, Rob Woodhouse, Peter Villiers, Pam Hogan , Torrington's young writers and Nick Stimson. Music by Jon Laird. Design by John Roberts, Jane Bartlett and the community. Choreography by Cathy Richards. Director Richard Wolfenden-Brown

It's May Fair, and Flora is about to be crowned May Queen. It should be the happiest day of her young life, but all is not well. Torrington is under threat from big business, and Flora's family may have to leave the town. What can a confused, unhappy little girl do but run away? But May Fair is a magical time, and perhaps the new May Queen has more power than she knows... Almost a thousand people from Torrington and the surrounding area have taken part in the Torrington Tales project, with the support of experienced theatre professionals. This epic play with live music and songs interweaves Torrington's past, present and future in the story of a family and a town in crisis, and celebrates what's unique and special about our community.Torrington Tales has been over three years in the making. Arising from a series of scriptwriting workshops in early 2003, the idea of a community play was unveiled at a public meeting later that year. Arts Council England funding was granted in April 2004, and a period of research followed. In December 2005 a team of local writers delivered a script based on themes identified by local people as key to the town's identity. Now over 100 local actors bring the story to life. Don't miss it.

To be performed in a marquee on The Old Bowling Green, Torrington Commons