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To Be Frank


James Seabright presents

To Be Frank

Known to millions as Lurcio the Roman slave in 'Up Pompeii', Frankie Howerd was the man with the catchphrases: Titter Ye Not! Shut yer faces! Not on your Nellie! Star of innumerable films. Howerd's career resembled a roller coaster ride - lurching from despair to triumph and back again, before ending up the toast of a new generation. Benson gets right under the skin of his subject and the show ends with a brilliant Frankiesque finale: a song, a frighteningly funny comedy routine and the Secret of True Happiness.

'Wonderful! Extremely funny and genuinely poignant too' EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

'It's a gem! We have a rich comedy past, but we need people like Mr Benson to debunk it for us.' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY