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The Word


The Word

Last Amendment (Ex Crass Collective)

Seeking to expand on the radical creative approach for which Crass was renowned, CRASS ex members (lyricist/drummer Penny Rimbaud, songstress Eve Libertine and multi-media artist Gee Vaucher) regrouped in the summer of 2002 as the Crass Collective to 'push musical and political limits'. Later renamed Crass Agenda and finally LAST AMENDMENT, the collective transcends any artistic pigeon-holes. 'THE WORD' is a two-part poem written by Penny Rimbaud for performance by two voices and jazz ensemble. The first part considers the struggle to create language out of primal sound. The second part points out that language has been employed as a tool of human bondage. Exquisite in its raw love and feral anger, vehement and ruthlessly political. The poetry gives the jazz a savage significance and the jazz gives the poetry wings.

Smoke-free standing gig