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Baka Beyond


Baka Beyond

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Take the mesmerizing vocals of Sue Hart and Denise Rowe, singing in Gaelic, English and Baka., the subtle rhythmic guitar of Martin Craddick, (co founder of the band Outback) along with the wild breton fiddle playing of Paddy Le Mercier ( former member of the French band 'Malicorne) and you have the elements of a great Celtic sound. Add some incredible players from Africa, Ayodele Scott and Seckou Keita on percussion and bass player Sam Djengue. And you have what the Miami Herald described as 'a complete sensory experience'. With their fiery rhythms, enchanting harmonies and some spectacular dancing from Denise Rowe, Baka Beyond are definitely a feast for the eyes and heart as well as the ears and feet. Very dance friendly.

Smoke Free Standing Gig | Food Available

If there has to be a definition of world music, this is it. - ANDY KERSHAW