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The Shoemaker


il teatrino insideOut presents

The Shoemaker

a dynamic new production combining acting, marionettes, puppets, animated objects and original music

Devised, created and performed by Austin Hackney & Lucia Tanini. Original music by Alexandre Colletta.

A poor shoemaker, down on his luck, has only enough leather left to make one last pair of shoes. Then, one magical night, he finds his fortunes mysteriously changed. But who is it that comes to help him? And what can he do to say thank you? International company il teatrino insideOut have created a strange and whacky world full of mystery, suspense, wonders and laughter where every old boot has a story to tell, magic is real and wishes come true. Come wearing your favourite shoes for a show laced with wit, that will have you laughing your socks off and may even heel your sole, to boot!

Suitable for everyone 5 years and up

Marvellous... beautifully made and manipulated... a delight - Steve Newton (Artworks)

Completely magical... stunning puppetry, powerful performances - Suzy Mizrahi (Bath Children's Festival)