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The Seed Carriers


The Seed Carriers

Stephen Mottram's Animata

Imagine a race of small creatures that look remarkably like humans, but are really more like insects or plants. They are THE SEED CARRIERS. Valuable and vulnerable, they are farmed for the seeds carried within them. They must develop their cunning to survive the ruthless social system in which they live. So with the aid of fabulous machines, they disguise themselves as birds, fish and insects. In conspiracy with Glyn Perrin's music, these puppets draw their audience into a beautiful, colourful world which becomes horrific and then haunting as our understanding of it starts to dawn.

The Seed Carriers was performed at The Plough during the 1990s. It has since become a classic work of animation theatre, winning several international theatre awards during tours in 18 countries.

Brilliant... definitely not to be missed - The Guardian

His artistry is formidable, like his imagination. I have never before seen the eeriness of marionettes combined so insistently with dread - The Times