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The Good, the Bad  &  The Botoxed!


The MsFits present

The Good, the Bad & The Botoxed!

In this new Comedy Drama from multi award winning playwright Rona Munro, Beryl needs to look good for her son's wedding. She hasn't had a makeover since she was 16 and tried ironing her hair while wearing an egg white facemask. Young beautician Hayley has been told she'll lose her job if she doesn't peel more faces and lift more chins! 78year old Etta just wanted a shampoo and set! None of them could have expected their day at the Salon would turn into a scene from Crimewatch UK, when a vengeful client returns, wanting more than her money back! Held hostage in fear of their lives the three women are forced to bargain for their lives with unexpected results in another hairline raising, wrinkle wreaking, funny & poignant new comedy drama from The MsFits. Watch out for those laugh lines!

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