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The Diary of a Nobody


Rodney Bewes presents

The Diary of a Nobody

Rodney Bewes of 'The Likely Lads' follows his hugely successful solo performance in Three Men in a Boat, as 'Pooter' in that equally great little classic 'The Diary of a Nobody' by George and Weedon Grossmith, first published in side splitting parts in Punch in 1892. The eternal hard-done by Charles Pooter is the most timeless comic character in English Fiction. He is a lovably absurd everyman, quietly self-satisfied, intent on keeping up appearances, sublimely ignorant of his own pretensions and snobberies. His rose-tinted vision of his lot in life is unwittingly exposed at every turn to hilarious effect.

The Purest essence of comedy - SUNDAY PEOPLE

Solemn... twinkling... actor and entertainer... Bewes handles his audience like a master - SUNDAY TIMES