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Anusha Subramanyam presents Priyam


Anusha Subramanyam presents Priyam

Anusha Subramanyam is one of the best known faces of bharatanatyam dance in the UK. An alumni of Kalakshetra, she is part of the long tradition that has revitalised, restructured and re-interpreted bharatanatyam in a contemporary context. As a solo dancer Anusha has performed at many prestigious venues for a variety of appreciative audiences internationally. She regularly collaborates with other classical and contemporary performing artists exploring and expanding the vocabulary of dance and music. Director of Beeja, she is also a teacher, choreographer and dance movement therapist.

Bharatanatyam performance with live music accompaniment. Priyam - love - all that is pure and radiant. Different facets of this sentiment will be explored through the rich imagery of Indian stories. The dance is a celebration of sensuality as a path to spirituality.

Anusha gave a dazzling display of the beauty and elegance of her dance - Sally St John Hollis, Welcombe