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Anita Wardell


Anita Wardell

Highly rated by none other than the legendary Mark Murphy and winner of the BBC's 2006 Best of Jazz Award, Anita Wardell´żáis a world-class vocalist with the ability to delve deep into the meanings of the lyrics of the great jazz songbooks, and then improvise over them with fluency, fluidity and a horn-like intonation. Female jazz singers are in plentiful supply at the moment, but this lady is considered by many critics to be the real deal. A fantastic evening of swinging music is guaranteed by support from a top class band: Robin Aspland, long considered one of Britain's leading pianists, now has an international reputation, working with the likes of George Coleman and Steve Grossman; New Yorker, Gene Calderazzo, now based in London, is one of the most in-demand jazz drummers in Europe. The line-up's completed by Jeremy Brown's driving bass and the tenor of Alex Garnett, emerging as one of the best in the UK.

the most creative jazz singer operating in London this sweet toned Australian chooses superior songs and can improvise with the best - EVENING STANDARD

Pure bebop singing, displaying a musical mastery... - THE STAGE

enchanting...she stunned the audience into spellbound silence... - BOZ MAGAZINE