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plus special guests Obedientbone

On the circuit for many years this phenomenal band are a force to be reckoned with... back now to the full original line up including the vocal talents of Heitham Al Sayed and Kerstin Haigh who continue to push Senser's rap/rock/metal fusion, blowing away dance floors with their rhythmic pulse and incendiary lyrics. Senser were a key part of the early 90's music scene, having released a truly seminal and mould -breaking album 'Stacked Up ' which achieved No 4 in the UK album chart. The new material is every bit as good as the old and without doubt they are one of most intense/atmospheric live bands this country has produced. This gig is part of a UK tour so book will be a massive night.

Obedientbone on stage 8.30 Smoke Free Standing Gig

edgy blend of hip hop, metal and trippy dance music