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Frank drives the overnight bus from Penzance to London; the passengers want to sleep, but Frank wants company. He also has the in-coach microphone.  The story is told by one performer in a multitude of voices, rhythms and styles; one moment brash, loud and bold; then intimate, timid, and confessional as we alternate between the overnight bus journey and the original RKO radio booth inside Macy's department store New York, 1929-1953. Ed Gaughan's one man show tells a darkly comic story of migration; the migration of genius, of music and of furious friendship, from Ireland, by way of Cornwall, to New York and beyond. The coach journey to London provides Frank with a pretext for travels through a host of characters and forms, using monologue, radio, live music, and film.

Surreal, moving and hilarious - the best show I have seen in a very long time - Peter Harris

Ed Gaughan has been known to be very funny - Richard Wolfenden-Brown