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Professor Bumm's Story Machine


James Seabright presents The Black Sheep in

Professor Bumm's Story Machine

Professor Bumm and his assistant Doctor Whee invite you to the unveiling of his latest invention in this crackpot comedy of made-up madness. Mayhem, mirth and mess are guaranteed as the two eggheads race to turn words and ideas from the audience into new stories, hopefully with the help of their unpredictable new machine. This improvised comedy show from The Black Sheep is not suitable for the under sevens.

They can make young audiences roll about - **** The Scotsman

Cuts straight to the heart of what gets the over sevens chuckling. The kids remain totally enchanted and fidget-free throughout - The Stage

This inspired comic duo rely on audience suggestions and their unusually quick thinking comedy talent to create absolute mayhem and anarchic fun for all ages - **** The List