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Illyria present


By Carlo Collodi

Everyone thinks they know the story of Pinocchio. The truth is they probably don't. Forget Disney. Illyria's production is based entirely on Carlo Collodi's macabre comic masterpiece for smart grown-ups and brave children. Geppetto the carpenter carves a puppet called Pinocchio from a block of wood, but Pinocchio cunningly throws a wild tantrum and gets Geppetto sent to prison for cruelty. Free to do what he likes, Pinocchio joins the theatre, squanders his father's money, is chased by murderers and almost hanged. Determined to pursue a life of adventure he abandons Geppetto in poverty, allows the Blue-Haired Fairy to die of grief, and stamps on the meddlesome cricket who tried to give him some good advice. Eventually he ends up in the wonderful Land of Toys where naughty children run riot - but turn into donkeys. All his life Pinocchio has longed to become a real boy, but what sacrifices will he have to make before he turns into an ass instead? Collodi's extraordinary story of redemption is also an hysterical satire on growing up. Featuring a leading actor whose nose really does grow, and a 20-foot shark, Illyria's PINOCCHIO is suitable for everyone aged 5 and over.

"There's only one word for them - amazing"