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Pam Ayres


Pam Ayres

"They Should Have Asked My Husband!"

The two recent press reviews (below) from opposite ends of the world admirably illustrate Pam's enduring appeal to audiences of all ages. 2005 marks 30 years since Pam first appeared on the TV talent show "Opportunity Knocks", and since then her comic poems have contributed enormously to the wider appeal today of all forms of poetry. Many of Pam's poems feature in school textbooks around the world. She's been a regular on BBC Radio over the years - on Radio2 with her own series, The Comedy Quiz, Pam Ayres' Sunday Afternoon and Pam Ayres' Open Road, and on Radio4 in Just A Minute, That Reminds Me, The Right Time, Wireless Wise, and her own recent series Ayres On The Air, another series of which is scheduled for 2006.

PAM AYRES is a poet for the people. Her verse portrays a wicked sense of humour, and deals with subjects not normally thought to be worthy of poetry. - Melbourne Herald Sun

PAM AYRES, the bestselling poet, writes as rhapsodically about the Wonderbra as Wordsworth did about daffodils. - The Guardian