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No Going Back


mac productions present

No Going Back

To celebrate Black History Month.

by Tunde Euba Directed by Iqbal Khan

Set in Uganda at the time of the expulsion of the Asian community by Idi Amin, NO GOING BACK explores themes and raises questions on gender, race, culture, class, identity, displacement and a sense of belonging. What makes us belong? Meena and Mohammed grew up together in Idi Amin's Uganda, but were abruptly separated when Amin expelled Asians from the country and Meena moved to Britain with her parents. Now Meena is a doctor in a London hospital and Mohammed an asylum seeker recently arrived from Uganda, working illegally as a cleaner at the same hospital. They re-establish their friendship but rake up a past that both are forced to face in order to redeem their future. Birmingham-based mac Productions has developed a reputation for powerful productions celebrating Black History Month. Last year's production of You Strike the Woman You Strike the Rock played to audiences all over the country who were captivated by its mix of music, vibrant design and physicality.

captivating from the opening scene