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The Plough Youth Theatre presents


Under the direction of Rob Pudner and musical director Laura Thomas a cast of 60 young people aged between 7 and 17 are joined by Mike Nicholl a member of the Plough's Community Theatre who is playing the part of Janusz Korczak in this highly emotive production with music to touch the heart.

'Korczak' by Nick Stimson and Chris Williams tells the story of Dr. Janusz Korczak, a well-known paediatrician, children's writer and leader of a revolutionary orphanage movement.  During World War II he cared for 200 children in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland even on their final journey to the death camp of Treblinka.  Korczak had a chance of freedom, a chance to live...a chance he chose not to take. "It is not a story of despair, but one of hope.  Told through drama, music and song the play concentrates not on the tragedy but on the positive legacy of Korczak, his children and how through love, respect and the power of imagination he kept their childhoods alive"

Combustion was what the audience got in spades from the talented youngsters.........palpable and infectious enthusiasm...........tightly co-ordinated team production...........a credit to their community. - (review of previous production) NORTH DEVON JOURNAL

What should we do when everyone acts less than human? We must act more than human - JANUSZ KORCZAK