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Kissing Married Women


Hull Truck Theatre Company presents

Kissing Married Women

By Gordon Steel

Everybody calls him 'Daft Dave'. He's never really had a girlfriend and sex is something he sees on the telly. He's a gardener for the council who lives with his mam. When his best mate, Micky , re-launches him as a 'Gigolo', 'Daft Dave' is catapulted into the hostile world of desperate women hell-bent on having a good time. With two bits of advice gleaned from the internet, one - "all women are not pretty", and two - "all women are not women", the lifelong loveable friendship of Micky and 'Daft Dave' is yet again put to the test. And to add insult to injury, 'Daft Dave' falls hopelessly in love. An hilarious and touching new comedy from the writer of 'Albert Nobbs', 'Studs' and 'Like a Virgin'.