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Invisible Bonfires


Forkbeard Fantasy present

Invisible Bonfires

Forkbeard's latest comic film-theatre extravaganza insinuates itself into that hot-potato-mash Global Warming. With those much-loved brylcreemed docu-drama celebs the Brittonioni Brothers as your guides, Forkbeard Fantasy hire a metaphorical grandstand on the Moon to investigate the invisible chemical cloak currently smothering the Earth. Featuring live music from The Lotus Pedals, 4 actors, 1 horse, 15 projectors and much hand-cranking, the show guarantees a refreshing new racket in the hot air crisis enveloping our melting world. Forkbeard Fantasy's endlessly inventive use of film, mechanical stage trickery and their insatiable appetite for the comic and the absurd are supplemented in this new spectacle not just by live music but by two hilarious new Forkbeard Films: a roller-coaster stage to screen documentary starring the gloriously pompous Brittonioni Brothers and the cartoon "Carbon Weevils" which examines the evolutionary role of those supreme excavators and re-arrangers of the Earth's carbon deposits, otherwise known as human beings.

Drawing on the nature themes of their recent Royal Shakespeare Company commission "Rough Magyck", Invisible Bonfires is the result of an award from DEFRA's Climate Challenge Fund.