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Guilty Fingers (Women at War)


C-Scape Dance Co present

Guilty Fingers (Women at War)

Three specially commissioned works to connect one theme - Women at Wa r- by Emma Rice, award-winning director of Kneehigh Theatre, in collaboration with writer and poet Anna-Maria Murphy; Fleur Darkin, exciting high profile choreographer; and Debbie Fionn-Barr renowned for her hard hitting but subtle and intricate work.

From debutantes to doodlebugs, nylons to knitting and ration books to revenge. Guilty Fingers dances the dance of women at war, reflecting the camaraderie, dedication and often unrecognised yet vital role women have played in wars past and present. Presenting the work of three of the UK's finest directors, C-Scape reveal the public front and the private pain of war as faced by women all over the globe.

C-Scape do something very special. Consistently upping the status of dance, fresh and vital, this is great storytelling through dance - HALL FOR CORNWALL