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Five Get Famous!


The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company

Five Get Famous!

It's 1940 and Lady Lurcher is casting Macbeth when mysterious events occur. Menacing script snippets are found in unusual places. Chickens go missing. Shadowy figures climb out of Uncle Quentin's study window. Will The Five get to the bottom of it in this spoof Enid Blyton adventure with hilarious slapstick, poetic theatre, live music and a tender love story by this exciting company that has reinvented the commedia dell'arte for today? This hilarious satire of village life, the war years and attitudes to class and gender combines with complex slapstick and physical routines - Enid Blyton meets Miss Marple meets Dad's Army - but it isn't a mere frolic, nor cheap nostalgia. Underneath there is a deeply poetic look at childhood, innocence and by implication the loss of all these things in the modern world. For adults and adventurous children.

Bring low seating /blankets. BBQ, hot food and bar available from 6pm

'Captivating! Razor-sharp physical theatre.' - The Independent

'There's an almost circus-like feeling of 'anything could happen'... It was such a good night' - The Times