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Eko Dance Co in association with h.e.arts present



h.e.arts is an umbrella organisation committed to arts, education and regeneration in West Africa and the promotion of African culture and understanding in Europe. Eko is their performing company of highly experienced dancers and musicians , most of whom were former members of Adzido Pan African Dance Ensemble. Ekomefeemo will tour to Ghana in December for the Noyam International Dance Festival.

Ekomefeemo is a fusion of African and European dance and music which reflects the differences between the dance experiences of both the choreographers and the dancers and symbolises the difference in life experiences. These differences are used to explore the search for identity. Movements are traditional and contemporary for both Africans and Europeans and enable the dancers to travel across and through cultures. The piece is performed to the accompaniment of a recorded soundtrack of music and sound overlaid with spoken word and live music which also reflects the journey explored through the dance.