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Fresh Glory Productions present


by Briony Laverty

What lies beneath the ice? ...and what happens when the thaw comes? Frozen in loss, a mother fights to confront a killer ... Frozen in his horrific childhood, the abused becomes the abuser ... Confronting the truth, a psychiatrist stares into "the frozen arctic sea that is the criminal brain..." Winner of the TMA Best New Play Award, "Frozen" explores in forensic detail a nerve-shredding story of supreme topicality.

Suitable for ages 14 and above

Consistently surprising and even bravely comic... Like a time-bomb ticking in the back of your head - The Independent

The best acting in London...Bryony Lavery's play (is) spare, intense, simply staged and brilliantly well-acted throughout - **** Daily Mail

Deeply moving... The cast rise superbly to the challenge... Deserves to be seen - **** Whats On Stage